Efia Odo quickly succumbs and apologises to Kweku Reveloe after his threat

Efia Odo’s revelations about issues surrounding her break-up have angered her ex-boyfriend, Kweku Reveloe.

Kweku Reveloe took to his Snapchat account to throw some shots at Efia Odo with a lot of threats.

He first said, he can’t be bothered about all the lies that Efia Odo is spewing out.

He also revealed that he spent $12,000 in flying Efia Odo all over to the US to see her family.

He goes ahead and open more flesh and says that he isnt a coward  …but a real bhad man. He just wants to remain quite as a form of showing respect to Efia Odo.


The ex boyfriend further cautioned that her that a,she should be very careful not to tarnish his  image.

Because, he’s a businessman and she’s a media personality…so if any shameful thing pops up at all from him, it’ll go against her, not him.

He finally settles on  “Don’t push me” as his last words for the Tv Presenter

Immediately after pondering on  all these series of text from her Ex ,Effia Odo  took a cue from it and  She went to her  Twitter handle and dropped a remorseful text there and  then went ahead to apologize to Reveloe for any embarrassment she’ve caused.


“Publicly wanna apologies to all you guys on twitter for my impulsive rants last nights. Been in one of the darkest spaces and I guess I didn’t know how to deal. Social media is never the place to release personal issues. Sorry to Rev for any embarrassment I’ve caused also”she said.

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