Daboase: Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Commissions Ultra-Modern Diagnostic Health Center

An ultra – modern diagnostic health center has been commissioned by the Admadiyya Muslim Mission at Daboase in the Wassa East District.

The Diagnostic Center, an ancillary facility of the Ahmadiyya Hospital in Daboase is equipped with an x-ray, colposcopy and an endoscopy department to provide the best of medical diagnosis and treatment in and outside the Wassa East District.

At a ceremony held last Saturday at the premises to commission the facility, Administrator in Charge of the hospital, Mr. Agbesi Nelson noted “the model emphasizes the provision of on-going care to sustain life at the highest quality possible”.

He adds that initiative represent a proactive intervention aimed at preventing the development of further problems, and intermittent medical interventions to address exacerbating of illnesses and disability.

Mr Nelson said the provision of such facility is among several brain-birthed by the head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission of Ghana, Ameer and Missionary in-Charge Alhaj Mauvir Nuhu Mohammed Bin Sali, in equipping and expanding the health facility to provide best quality healthcare service for the people in Wassa East.

“In order to meet this challenge the Ahmadiyya Muslim Missionary Ghana through its indefatigable head, Ameer and Missionary In-Charge Alhaj Mauvir Nuhu Mohammed Bin Sali, thought it wise to equip and expand the hospital to provide quality, one stop services for the good people of Wassa East and beyond. This inaugural ceremony is one out of many he has planned for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Hospital, Daboase”.

He continued that it is the Ameer aspiration to raise the status of the hospital above standards of a district hospital.

 “He is certainly poised to raise the status of this hospital above the standard of a district hospital”.

“Ameer and Missionary In-Charge together with the Medical Superintendent Dr. Ibrahim Muhhamad; the spinal cord of the facility, and the core management of the hospital supported him to bring this vision to start this facility”, he added.

Ameer and Missionary In-Charge, Health Service Administrator, Dr Ibrahim Muhammad on his part, was appreciative of the spate of growth by the hospital relative to other health facilities provided by the Admadiyya Muslim Mission in other parts of the country.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Hospital Daboase is one of the hospitals established by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana, that lies at the tail end of our medical facilities in terms of time of establishment yet you find that the pace at which the hospital is growing compared to those that were established before it is mind boggling”.

He indicated the growth realized is as a result of the commitment and affection of the people and traditional authorities in the community extended to every medical officer brought to the hospital.

“Growth and development experienced by the hospital is as a result of the immense great love and affection and spirit of cooperation that has been extended to each and every one of the medical officers that has been to this hospital”, he said.

Dr Ibrahim Muhammed said “the moral commitment by staff in ensuring they do the best at any given time for mankind, makes them an exceptional institution in quality service delivery”.

The District Chief Executive Wilson Arthur, who spoke on behalf of the Western Regional Minister, assured managers of the hospital of the assembly’s support in advancing and sustaining quality healthcare for the people.

He disclosed that the assembly, upon his assumption of duty redefined its vision strategically to position it as a model district in the country.

“In my capacity as a DCE, I would say the timing of this upgrade is wonderful. Under my administration we’ve tweaked the vision of the District, with a goal of making it a model one in Ghana. So when you take health care, we should be providing one of the best services and thank Allah it has happened”, Mr Arthur stated.

He adds that the hospital will be allocated a section on the assembly’s website to share information and promote service delivery.

Kojo Ennimil Arthur||Ghana

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