Some hotel operators in the Western region have appealed to the president to consider a tax refund as Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a tole on business operations in the hospitality industry

The developement has led to some hostel operators laying off casual workers to stay in operation due to the drastic reduction in patronage of services which some fear could lead to shut down if government does not intervene

According to them, guest visits and hiring of conference halls have reduced drastically whereas some organizations have even cancelled already booked events.

Mr Pradeep Kumar, General Manager of the Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel who spoke to the Ghana News Agency lamented that with the suspension of all mass tourism related gatherings and the closing down of beaches by the Ghana Tourism Authority, all hoteliers in the region were waiting for an official announcement on the reduction in VAT and the tourism levy.

He pointed out that though the hotel’s operational cost had gone up as they were still paying high utility bills despite the huge decline in patronage; his outfit had not laid off any permanent staff.

However, management thought it wise to cut down some outsourced staffs and may consider cutting down certain services with other service providers should the need arise.

Mr Anthony Kennedy Addiaba, General Manager of the Raybow International Hotel, indicated that the hotel has suspended all entertainment Programmes like live bands, conferences and meetings with over 25 members following an order by the Ghana Tourism Board.

“We are looking at VAT rate being reduced if possible. Is it possible to, even adjust the electricity and water tariffs, a look at suspending the payment we make to regulatory bodies including; property rates and similar costs,” he quizzed. “That’s what we want to know now.”


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