Two countries have decided to shut down internet to prevent exam cheating

The Algerian government has ordered telecom companies to shut down the internet in the country for several hours every day for the next few days to prevent high school students from cheating.

Facebook will be blocked completely during the five days the exams take place.

The decision was made in an attempt to prevent what happened two years ago, when the exam questions leaked online before the exams took place.

According to Algerie Telecom, access will be cut off for mobile and landline connections for about two hours every morning till exam is over.

In 2016, the questions for the Algerian high school exams leaked before students took the exam, prompting the government to request internet service providers to limit access to social media in 2017.

However, not happy with those results, the government decided this year to shut down the internet entirely to prevent another leak.

Iraq will implement similar measures for the next two weeks while exams take place in the country.

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