TAKORADI: Sachet Water Producers Cry Over Unfair Prices

Sachets Water producers in the Western Region are blaming the discrepancies in the wholesale and retail prices in the sachet water business as lack of leadership of the sector and a solid law to help them enforce their standing orders.

Its will be recalled that in November 12, 2018 the National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers ordered a bag of sachet water to be sold at Ghc3.50p while a sachet of water be sold at GHc.0.30p.

But few months down the line, a sachet of water is still being sold for GHc.0.20p instead of GHc 0.30p.

“What we are told by both our national and local executive is that there is no law governing pricing. Of cause you can cease peoples cars and the next day they will be on the road going about their business as usual and there is nothing you can do”.

“We will be happy if we are properly regulated to charge same price but what do we see? There is no law to check.” He stressed.

According to member of the association, Benjamin Larbi, members were cooperating well with the directive to sell a sachet of water for GHc0.30p but not to long after, “colleague producers started beating down their prices so when you decide to stay in business with the new price you will be running at a lost” he added.

Kojo Ennimil Arthur | Business Today | | Ghana

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