Lecturer disguises as Spiderman To Attend To Students during Strike

A lecturer in one of the Universities in the Southeast, Nigeria has got the Internet buzzing after he disguised himself as a Spiderman in other to attend to students.

Apparently, there is a National Teachers Strike (ASUU)…and one of the directives from leaders is that no lecturer must interact with his students.

In order not to break ASUU directives which required lecturers to stay away from academic work while the strike was on, the lecturer decided to ‘transform’ into spiderman, probably on a rescue mission, so he could attend to the students with his disguised alter ego and not the lecturer everybody knew.

It was gathered that some non-teaching staff present when the incident happened, were stunned to see a man dressed in Spiderman costume walking into the office complex.

As they greeted the lecturer and called him his name, he ignored every greeting, pretending not to know anyone since he was not ‘human’.

He opened his door, walked in and sat down, waiting for students whom he had told to await the arrival of ‘Spiderman’ to assist them.

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