I Had No Reason for Getting Married- Duncan Williams

The General Overseer and Presiding Archbishop of the Action Chapel International Ministry, Nicholas Duncan Williams, has revealed that he did not understand the notion of marriage, before he decided to tie the knot.

‘I married at the age of 24 and at that time I married, if you ask me why I married I didn’t even know why I married.’  Yes because I got married on the basis of my parents saying I should get married.
It was out of my own option but the thing was that I wasn’t much educated he said during a one on one interview with Bola Ray.

He added that, he didn’t even know at that time if he was ready or not, but he did it because it was required that he marry at that time, because of the responsibilities he was handling.

Known in many parts of the world as the Apostle of Strategic Prayer, the 60-year-old man added “the other thing is that marriage is one of the things that we go to school and none of our educational institutions have set up extra curriculum that helps to educate people about what marriage is and what love is all about and so we study everything in life, but marriage and family are the most important things that have no curriculum”.

Marriage is not being taught, we don’t teach on family, we don’t teach on conflict resolution in marriage, we don’t teach on communication, we don’t teach on sex and we just expect people to marry and they get in there and mess things up not knowing the reasons to why they even got married he listed.

The Archbishop said it was after he got married that “he realized marriage isn’t all about love but about purpose”.

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