Bawumia: Religious bodies must see themselves as stakeholders in Ghana’s prosperity

Vice President Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia says government is determined to partner religious organizations in Ghana for shared growth.

“As mentioned in the 2018 budget presented to Parliament, Government intends to partner Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) not only to deliver critical social services in education, health and water, but also to support provision of skills and entrepreneurial training for the youth and the establishment of commercial enterprises,” he said

The Vice President was speaking at the 86th Annual National Convention Of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission At Baghe-E-Ahmad (P0madze) in the Central Region Thursday. The theme for the occassion was: “Ensuring a Disciplined Society: The Role of Religion’.

He therefore urged religious bodies to see themselves as stakeholders in the prosperity of Ghana “and let us all unite and work tirelessly to achieve a prosperous Ghana.”

He also said the government of Nana Akufo-Addo is committed to building a robust economy to provide equal opportunity for all Ghanaians by rolling out some bold policy initiatives and that tese initiatives require high levels of collaboration, commitment and discipline to be successful.

“Just two days ago, H.E the president signed five bills into law. They are: the office of the Special Prosecutor Bill, The Northern Development Authority Bill, Coastal Development Authority Bill, Middle Belt Development Authority Bill and the Zongo Development Fund Bill.

“First, The Northern Development Authority, Coastal Development Authority and Middle Belt Development Authority bills will manage the cedi equivalent of $1 million allocation to every constituency to undertake basic infrastructure projects. This is aimed at enhancing bottom-up development by increasing economic activity at the local level, and can only be achieved with significant levels of discipline and commitment,” the Vice President said.

Dr Bawumia also said the signing of the Special Prosecutor Bill into law is a significant step in the president’s determination to fight corruption in the public life of our dear nation.

He also gave the assurance that both past and present public officers will be under the microscope and held to account for their actions saying, “this will help fight corruption and ensure prudent use of our resources for the benefit of all”.

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