Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital Bleeds For An Ambulance

It has emerged that the western region’s major referral centre, Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital does not have a single ambulance to aid the facility in emergency cases.  The Health Director of the hospital, Dr Richard Anthony disclosed this to Beach 105.5 FM in Takoradi.

According to Dr. Anthony, the hospital was relying on the National Ambulance Service for emergency support but the national ambulance service is currently struggling in the western region, he said.

The Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital (ENRH) is now depending on some private health institutions for support though they are sometimes not reliable.

We were relying on the Ambulance Service all this while. Currently, we all know they are facing challenges because some of their ambulances have breaking down. And I’m aware that the Ghana Health Service is looking at the possibility of reequipping some of the facilities especially the regional hospitals with ambulances.

“We do not have an ambulance station right now. It wasn’t a problem when the National Ambulance Service was working; you call them at the beckon, and they come. So if the National Ambulance works well, and is working well, facility ambulances may not really be necessary,” Dr. Anthony stated.

He mentioned that they also collaborate with other health institution like GHAPOHA and SDA when they are in dire need of ambulance services now that Effia Nkwanta don’t have a stationed facility ambulance.

The Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital remains the major referral health centre in the western region.

The hospital is currently facing series of challenges which has necessitated the idea of a new regional hospital but this is yet to come to fusion.

Kojo Ennimil Arthur|Beachfmonline.com|Ghana

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