Yvonne Nelson’s TV series based on her pregnancy

Outspoken Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson the initiator of “Dumsor Must Stop” has announced a  new television reality show to hit the screens anytime soon.

The yet to be premiered reality show dubbed, “Waiting on Ryn” is believed to be based on her pregnancy which she managed to hide from the gory eyes of the media until she delivered.

“Waiting for Ryn”, she calls this one – Yvonne made the announcement that she has giving birth and as usual caused a stir in the public with people wondering how and when she got pregnant, she has earlier denied reports of her being pregnant.

Some close friends of the actress defended the secrecy surrounding her pregnancy saying she was entitled to her privacy.

But her announcement on Twitter suggests the pregnancy was likely kept a secret because she had the show in mind.

If that’s the case, one could say she has been smart with her pregnancy.


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