The Western Regional Public Relations Officer of Ghana Education Service (G.E.S), Mrs Catherine Biney has said the challenges that have charactised this years placement system is as a result of the G.E.S not been able to clear its portal before the start of the self placement and Students not heeding to basic instructions.

Speaking with Beachfmonline the regional Public Relation Officer of the Ghana Education Service said

“Those who were placed automatically that is the auto placement from Accra I believe are done with the admission process and are currently in School and those who did the self-placement, the process is still on going.

Initially when the portal was opened to the general public on Sunday 8 September 2019 people couldn’t get a placement card to buy on that Sunday so some bought theirs on Monday where they made a self-placement for themselves.

The portal had not been cleared at that point so some students got the opportunity to place themselves in schools of their choice where they even had admission and went for their prospectus afterwards

When Accra realized that the portal has not been cleared they needed to clear the system again to ensure sanity so those who initially got admission needed to restart the self-placement process all over again.

It is Unfortunate that such incident happened, we will want to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

So far the only challenge we have now is limited space for self-placement because we are currently left with Volta and Northern region, you either choose among the two options, choose a private school as an alternative or let go and rewrite the exams again”.

Answering a question about students who are in the western region who would rather have to choose between Northern and Volta region, she adviced that

“Self place is your own decision and preference so that decision is a bit flexible for us, we advise that with such schools far away from you, you are normally given a privilege of a boarding facility as your residential status so I will urge parents that irrespective where their children are placed parents should not be worried about how far their children are going from them but rather a ensure that they constantly advice them to dothe right thing”

According to Mrs Catherine Biney there are only 54 grade A schools in the western region and looking at the number of people competiting for those schools it makes the competition keen where the students raw scores become the major point for consideration.

The Ghana Education Service has also observed that there were issues with coding where some students wrote the names of their schools correctly but wrote the wrong codes for their selected schools which led to countless mismatches.

She also added that when you key in for a placement and you get a notice of disqualification it means the student has failed in either English or Science

She finally adviced parents to pay serious attention to their children’s academic life to avoid some of these inconveniences with the placement processes.

Kwame Offei/BeachFmonline/Ghana

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