Member of Parliament for Kwesimintsim constituency, Hon. Joe Mensah has stated that kwesimintsim constituency will get a new grass pitch at kwesimintsim S.D.A Park latest by august 2020 to address the lack of a standard park in the constituency.

In an exclusive interview with Spice Fm 91.9, Hon Joe Mensah recounted some of his achievements since he assumed office in 2016 and promised that he is burnt on delivering Kwesiminstim long standing grass pitch.

“We had a park at kwesimintsim town but the park is no more, so one of the areas I looked at was to build a park for them, in fact, I have started even though funding has been difficult,I am sure I will complete it by ending of august 2020.”

When quizzed on how the constituency lost the then park and the exact location of the new park he is constructing for the constituency, Hon. Joe Mensah said

“When we were children we used to play on that park but it happened that the land belonged to the Catholic Church, as I speak the church has built a school on the land, there is small portion of the land left which can’t be used for anything better which has even become a public forum”

Explaining the underlying factor that has denied the community of a standard pitch for a very long time, he said that the community should have insisted on the Catholic Church to build a pitch before using the existing community park to construct a church.

“As at the time they were building the school we should have insisted on them to do a park for us before they built their school but we couldn’t, they just went to fill small portion of the new park with clay and stopped, over the years they’ve tried doing something about it but no one has been successful in doing it because is a huge project, we all downplayed it and thought filling the land with just some clay is enough for a football park until I consulted to find out where I got to know that it needs a lot of resources. After making all the necessary contacts and connections , i have now gotten a contractor even though there were little monetary challenges but as I speak there is a breakthrough so the contractor will come and finish the park. It is a very big park and the place is called “S.D.A” in kwesimintsim and that is the new park am doing.”

Justifying the reason why he has chosen a grass pitch over an Astro Turf, he attributed it to the cost of maintenance.

“We doing it grass pitch, some of my colleagues were able to get Astro Turf, when we came to power as government they approved one for every district but as at that time, we were under Sekondi -Takoradi, so it went to Effia before it was divided, but if you think about it Astro Turf is very good but it has its shortcomings and am concentrating on grass pitch which I can easily maintain. The park will be completely green by the end of august.

The kwesimintsim SDA Park hosted the last edition of the spice Community Gala which was won by Lagos Town.

story by Abaidoo Abednego

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