Sophia Akuffo meets Parliament's Appointment Committee

Justice Sophia Akuffo is set to have her day with Parliament’s Appointments Committee today [Friday], June 16, 2017, as President Akufo-Addo’s nominee for the position of Chief Justice.Image result for Justice Sophia Akuffo

The Appointments Committee earlier communicated June 19 for the vetting, but announced on Tuesday, June 13, that it had to rescheduled to this week to avoid keeping the position vacant for long.

First Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the Appointments Committee, Joseph Osei-Owusu, stressed the need to fast-track the vetting to ensure Justice Akuffo, when approved, fills in the position ahead of the retirement of the acting Chief Justice, William Atuguba.

“The Chief Justice [Georgina Theodora Wood] has retired already… a vacuum, so to speak, has been created because the next available senior [Justice William Atuguba] is also due to retire in a few days from now. We considered all the circumstances and as a committee, we reviewed the fact that to date, no petition has been brought against the CJ nominee. It may be helpful to abridge the time and do it as quickly as possible. That will enable us to take the whole day [on Friday] and use the weekend to prepare a report and probably by Monday we’ll be ready for the report to be considered by the plenary,” Joe Osei Owusu said.

He added that, “This week, she [Sophia Akuffo] may not be able to start work, but beginning next week, she may be able to start work in full and administration of justice can then continue without any vacuum.”

President Akufo-Addo last month announced Justice Sophia Akuffo as his choice for the position of Chief Justice ahead f the retirement of Georgina Theodora Wood.



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