Aggrieved youths engaged in sand winning activities in the Shama District have taking to the street of Assorko-Essamanto protect the introduction of machines to load sand into tipper trucks that comes to the bush to buy sand for various construction purpose.

The youth, numbering about 500 told Spice News Reporter, Benjamin Bray that the lack of job opportunities in the District and the country at large has compelled them to engage in such menial jobs just to earn a living to help them take care of their families especially the welfare of their children.

“over here we load the sand into the truckers and sometimes follow the trucks to where they will be tipping off. So now that the Assembly say’s we should live here for machines to do this work what then we do without making provision for analternative”.

According to the assembly member for the area Hon. Mark Arthur, it’s not the decision of the assembly to eject the boys from the site but it’s the contractor’s decision to use machines to do their work instead of using the boys with the shovels to manually load sand into tipper trucks.

Though the move will badly affect the survival of the youth in the communities who have been involve in this business for almost twenty years now, the Mr. Arthur said that there is very little the assembly can do if the contractors insist on using machines to do their work.

But they are however talking to the contractors to resent on their decision at least for now while they look for an alternative job for the youth in the area.

Meanwhile, the aggrieved sand winning contractors are pleading with authorities to resent on their decision to take that job from them in the name of technology since that is their only means of survival.

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