Roasted maize is one of Ghana’s favorite and readily-available snacks. It is affordable, easy to eat, delicious and filling!

At almost every bus-stop or junction, you can’t miss a lady in her stall roasting maize.

Because it is roasted mature, it roasts almost like popcorn, minus the eruption. Roasted maize often pops and hisses as it roasts and begins to turn a golden yellow and black colour as it gets done. There are no utensils needed in this cooking method.

Eating of roasted maize is not only tasty but has a nutritional value as well. Roasted maize contains fiber that helps digestion; it removes the problem of constipation and stomach cancer, and also makes the bones stronger.

When an order is placed, the vendor, upon request, applies seasoning (usually a mixture of water, a pinch of salt, and a drop of lime) to the maize.

Fresh off the grill, it is placed in a husk, making it manageable to hold and eat.

The maize is often eaten with coconut as an accompaniment.

The flavor of the maize itself is awesome and the added seasoning makes it wonderful.

Be sure to look out for a vendor next time you’re on the streets, place an order and have your belly filled with one of Ghana’s favorite snacks.

Sabina Amoah Marfo

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