The Takoradi Branch of Premium Bank has donated ten brand new Lenovo laptops to the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) to aid teaching and learning in the institution.

Presenting the items to GTUC, the Chief Executive of Premium Bank, Kwasi Ndabiah Tumi said, as a bank they believe technology plays a vital role in the day to day affairs of banking and therefore “we looked at Telecom University and felt that it would be a good idea to form some kind of partnership with them and this is the beginning of the assistance, so that they can bring out more people who would help make this digital age and revolution move fast as it can.”

Mr. Kwasi Ndabiah Tumi – Chief Executive, PREMIUM BANK

Mr. Tumi was quick to add that presenting these laptops to GTUC marks a great milestone in the relationship between the Premium Bank and the Ghana Technology University College. Therefore depending on the needs of GTUC, Premium Bank he said will continue to support them.

Speaking to Beach Business Digest on the sidelines, the Vice president of the Ghana Technology University College, Professor Abeku Blankson noted that, in Ghana there is a misconnection between industries and institutions to train the needed skills for them. And that, the move by Premium Bank to bridge the gap is heart-warming and means a lot to the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC).

Fostering strong bonds between universities and industries, prof. Blankson recommended that industries can do more and one way they can do that is to engage the universities in the area of collaborative research.

“Collaborative research is one key area I think we can combined our strength to do research to help industries and as much expose our students to the practical job market.”

Professor Abeku Blankson- vice-president, GTUC

He said, cooperate entities should endeavour to make their presence felt in the various university campus and also consider professional mentorship programmes for students.

He however thanked Premium Bank for their kind gesture and promised to put the laptops into judicious use.

Kojo Ennimil Arthur/

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