Police accused of tampering with evidence of Shama murder case – Lawrence Baidoo’s father

Lawrence Baidoo

The Father of the 17-year-old final year student of the Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) in Takoradi who was shot to death by a police officer over the weekend is accusing police officers at the Shama District Police Command of tampering with evidence of his son’s murder.

Emmanuel Baidoo is, therefore, calling on government to ask the Shama police command hand over the case to another Command or to the Regional command to ensure the case get a fair investigation and the culprit duly punished.

Speaking to Beach 105.5 FM, Mr. Baidoo said a friend has reliably informed him the police is making efforts to destroy the evidence on his son’s murder case.

One of my colleagues at work called me this morning to tell me he has reliable information that the police officers have taken the gun out of Shaibu’s room just to prove he didn’t come here with any gun.

According to him, Detective Corporal Adjei Shaibu who is with the Shama Command is well-known in the area as he has been protecting his girlfriend who leaves in the same vicinity for some time now after she was attacked by robbers.

On the day of the incident, Emmanuel says his son who had returned home for a short break from school was walking in the neighbourhood with some friends at the same time Shaibu and his girlfriend, Lydia Armah were also returning home when someone raised an alarm of a robbery.

Shaibu, according to eyewitnesses fired his rifle several times after the alarm was raised but sped away with Lydia upon realising that he had killed Lawrence and injured one of his friends.

Emmanuel Baidoo however noted that the family has reliable information that officers at the Shama District Police Command which is currently handling the case are tampering with evidence to prove their colleague’s innocence no matter what.

Meanwhile, Mr. Baidoo is pleading with government to help the family get a lawyer to assist them get justice for the dead of their son adding that they would be extremely grateful if the case is taken from the Shama Police and handed over to a different unit.

Detective Corporal Adjei Shaibu last Saturday, gunned down 17-year old Lawrence Baidoo after supposedly mistaking the deceased and his friends for armed robbers when they were in fact on their way to a concert.


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