Only foolish people would decide not to pay TV license – Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has stated that it’s only foolish people who would decide not to pay the TV licence fee and instead, have themselves brought before court to face a fine and possible jail term.

Speaking with a radio station in Kumasi, Ampaw said it would be far easier for Ghanaians to pay the fee and be free than to be hauled before court which would bring more expenses.

“You can’t argue in the law court that, GTV has not been offering you what you like so there is no reason to pay TV license. Therefore instead of paying a small amount why do you prefer to pay more when being sent to court?” He said.

“Even the transportation involved in attending court sessions alone can pay what you refused to”.

The TV licence issue has been ignited after the Chief Justice empaneled 10 courts to deal with people who fail to pay the fees.

Musician/Comedian A Plus, a strong NPP supporter, has called the move a wrong one and vowed never to pay his TV licence fee.

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