It is easier to be more successful in Takoradi than in Accra – Artiste DopeNation says

Micheal Boafo, popularly known as B2 DopeNation fame has said that it is much easier to be successful in Takoradi than in Accra. According to him, many emerging artistes in other regions have the mindset that they can only make a hit in the capital city Accra easier as compared to the other places.

Speaking to Kwame Offei on the Drive Show (Sunset Beach) on Beach FM 105.5 , the Afro Pop singer hinted that, it is more expensive to promote music in Accra than in Takoradi, for example. This is the case because of the of the increasing number radio and TV stations.

“It is more difficult to make it in Accra. Since there is a huge number of radio and TV Stations in Accra, an up-and-coming artiste has to visit many of them; and at each visit, he has to pay some amount of money to DJs and co.”

“It all about being daring, we like to take up the bigger challenges, I don’t like taking the easier on, because when you crack the difficult one’s, the ones left are easier to crack” he added.

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