Ghanaian Rappers Are Doing Chaff- Obrafuor

Legendary rapper Obrafuor has stated that there are a lot of chaff in the rap game in Ghana currently and it is nothing to write home about.

He said in an interview with Sqny Agyekum on E-Buzz, an entertainment segment on the Sunset Beach that he sometimes struggle to get what some of the rappers rap about, that even led to the release of his two singles recently; Kasahari and No Vote

`The Kasahari or rap game now in Ghana is nothing to write home about, there is no message now in our raps, I don’t know what has happened, I think there is a lot chaffs in the system`.

`What do they rap about? It’s all about particular women body parts and what they would want to do with those body parts, they don’t say anything and that is where my disappointment lies, so I taught someone has to come and sanitize the game.`

When asked if the likes of Manifest, Elorm Adagblah and Sarkodie are not good, he said that is not what he meant, but his concern is the message some of the songs carry.

`I have not said they are doing bad, unless you don’t get the import of what am saying, these guys are not doing bad at all, for now our music are going global, we are getting recognitions from the international world but my problem is the message in some of the songs. The message in your song must represent your culture, because that is what you can sell`

I have not mentioned anybody’s name, but you would agree with me that there are lot chaff in the system, and it’s an outcry that our music doesn’t have any substance, that is exactly what am saying.


By Francis Hema/

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