A taskforce to clamp down on foreign retailers in Ghanaian markets is set to be inaugurated this Friday 11 May, 2018, an Executive Member of the Ghana Union of Traders Association, Benjamin Yeboah has hinted.

Mr. Yeboah told reporters there exist protocols and laws that govern trade undertaken by foreigners in the country but the enforcing agencies seemed to have relaxed in ensuring adherence to them. He said the new taskforce would bring sanity in the Ghanaian market to insulate local retailers and traders from unlawful competition by foreign traders.

The composition of taskforce to monitor and clamp down on foreign participation in retail businesses in the country has been a recurring and yet, somewhat a fruitless exercise.

Mr. Yeboah hopes that government this time could demonstrate the political will to arrest the situation.

“It is our hope that government would this time have the political will to enforce the laws. So if you are a foreigner you will have to abide by them”

In his attempt to justify the difference this time round the taskforce could effect, Benjamin Yeboah intimated that the coordinated efforts of the various state security and revenue mobilization agencies, just like what was done in years past, would be intensified.

Kojo Ennimil Arthur | | Ghana

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