Fella Makafui threatens to sue the producers of a movie she featured in titled ‘Kakalika Love’

Fella Makafui has issued a strong warning to one Samuel Degraft Yeboah making him aware that her legal advisers have proceeded on to sue him for titling a movie directed by him in which she featured as ‘Kakalika Love’.

The video which is set to be premiered in this month and already having the fliers trending according to Fella Makafui is a total scam, a deliberate attempt to ride on her back without her approval, among other serious allegations.


She shared the post on his Instagram handle making it public that her attention was not drawn to the current title of the movie before going on set, a move she sees as totally disrespectful on her brand.


This is a very delicate issue which requires a lot of thought before one could finally draw a conclusion.

However, many are arguing that Fella can’t detect the title since she was paid after or before playing her role,what do you make of this development ?

Kakalika Love’ is a diss song composed by Sister Derby to Fella and Medikal after Fella snatched Medikal from Sister Derby.

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