Ekow Essilfie advices NCA to consolidate some radio stations in the Western Region

Award winning Sports Journalist, Mr Essilfie has called on the NCA to merge some radio stations in the Western Region because some have had little or no impacts.

Mr. Essilfie believes that some radio stations in the Western Region have not really impacted positively the communities /societies within which they operate hence his call for the merger/consolidation.

He also posited that they could become a stronger brand if they come together and make some good money, pay presenters well and better and also make meaningful impact

“The proliferation of radio stations has also contributed to the problems the media is facing currently, and if I’m not afraid to say, for me I think some radio stations do not need to exist, because they are not meeting the standard of radio, so in business wise, it is affecting those stations doing pure radio, because there are others that have come wanting to share the small cake, so for me, If I have had my own way, I would have said some radio stations must be consolidated, it is the harsh truth” Ekow said whiles speaking to Kwame Offei on the Sunset Beach which airs from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM every weekday on Beach 105.5 FM.

“If you look at programming, it has to impacts lives, it has to impacts the community in which you operate, if I was in charge of issuing license to potential radio owners and radio stations, I was going to do a lot to scrutinize and some radio stations wouldn’t have existed.

The NCA have to up its game, what is the point in issuing plenty licenses out there, what is the criteria? What do they look out before giving radio stations licenses to operate? A lot of funds goes into managing a radio stations and it gotten through advertisement, now there is a cake that we are sharing, the radio stations keeps increasing but the cake remains the same, so if the owner doesn’t pay his workers for three months, problem comes, then they turn into sacking presenters which eventually cause unemployment, but there is a root cause to these things which we need to tackle it from the root, get it uprooted, otherwise, what we are experiencing will continue and it can even get worse” Ekow Essilfie told Kwame Offei on Sunset Beach

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