Hon. Kojo Acquah, Municipal Chief Executive of Effia Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly has tasked the newly appointed 10 Member Municipal Health Committee to conduct a simulation exercise for Corona virus outbreak.

According him per experiences drawn from the outbreak of Sars, Ebola virus in neighboring countries and intermittent Colera outbreak in parts of the country should be used as case studies to guide the committee in dealing with any future health emergencies in the municipality.

“We must learn from the mistakes of the past, embrace the opportunity of the present and shape the future we all want. In this regard, lessons learnt from the outbreak of SARS and Ebola virus in neighboring countries, intermittent Cholera outbreak in parts of the country and best practices in the wake of the Corona virus out break should guide as to succeed”

He went on further to charge members of the committee to consider looking into the recent Corona virus which was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019 but has recently been declared as a global emergency by the world health organization.

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‘‘I am looking forward to seeing the committee conduct a stimulation exercise for corona virus outbreak in the Municipality one of these days. This means that the committees must work hard in order to prevent any form of epidemic  from occurring in the Municipality ’’

The World Health Organization on Thursday 30 January 2020 declared the outbreak of a novel Corona virus as a global health emergency, an acknowledgement of the risk the virus poses to countries beyond its origin in China and the need for a more coordinated international response to the outbreak.

The 10 memember Municipal Health committee which was sworn into office a day before is required to undertake periodic emergency response simulation activities at the Municipal and Community levels to test how prepared the Municipality is in the wake of any health emergency

Below is a lists of the 10 member Municipal Health Committee

NAME                                      DESIGNATION                                  STATUS

1. Hon George Yanke           Assembly Member Apramdo                   Member 

2. Mrs Joyce  Bagina             Municipal Directir of Health                   Secetary

3. Ajhaji Sheik Yusif             Kobi Bar Mosque, Effiakuma                   Member

4. Hon. Ing Faustina Ofori   Assembly Member, EKMA                      Member

5. Rev. Solomon Sobeng       Kwesimintsim Methodist                         Member

6. Dr. Adndze- Mensah         Effman’s Clinic, Apremdo                        Member

7. Nana Egodzi  Essoun III   Chief of Kwesimintsim                             Member

8.Kwame Adu- Mante           Focus One Group of Companies              Member

9. Medical Superintendent    Kwesiminstim Hospital                              Member

10 Hon. Perpetual Appiah    Assembly Member- Kwesimintsim       Members

By Kwame Offei

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