National Democratic Congress’ aspiring Member of Parliament for Effia Constituency Hon.Micheal Otoo has said that, the consistent flooding of the Effiakuma astro turf each time it rains is an evident that the Effiakuma police park never needed astro turf in the first place.

According to him it would have been prudent to resort to natural grass by filling the surface of the eroded park with black soil before planting. He went on further to say that a   natural pitch could have served a better purpose for the community as compared to an Astro Turf. For example the community could have the opportunity to use the natural pitch on several occasions as compared to an Astro Turf which cannot be used every time.

In an interview on spice FM with  Abaidoo Abednego, Hon. Micheal Otoo stated that  Effia-kuma police park never needed astro turf  and as such plans are far advanced to write the wrongs of the constituency.

“Politics aside, when the issue of astro turf came up at Effia-kuma police park, I said we do not need astro turf at the moment, we just needed to close the eroded park for six (6) months and fill the surface with black soil to level the park and plant carpet grass on the pitch for the constituency but our Member of Parliament Hon. Joseph Cudjoe  and GNPC  had different idea and thought astro turf will help the people of Efia though  they’ve not been able to play football on the newly constructed Astro Turf  within the four year period , for that reason I Micheal Otoo have decided to construct an example of such  grass pitch so we can see the difference but won’t tell you the exact  location.”

When asked about funding of the project, the NDC parliamentary hopeful said that he is financing it with the help of few friends who bought into his idea.

“I am financing the project on my own with support from few friends, as I speak; I have contact a horticulturist who had surveyed the place already to give me an estimate and the time span for the project to be executed. I hope the grassing takes shape by September.”

The Effia-kuma  astro turf was contracted  in 2018 by Ghana National Petroleum Corporation with support from Hon.Josep Cudjoe the Member of Parliament for Effia as part of the GNPC’s Foundation cooperate social responsibility of building ultra modern artificial pitches across Ghana.

story by Abaidoo Abednego

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