Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu has hinted that construction of a befitting regional hospital for the Western Region would begin hopefully, next year. The minister in a convincing tone, assured residents of the region of government commitment in fulfilling a campaign it made during the electioneering period.

In his remarks, at the residency of the Western Regional Minister, as part of a three day tour in the region, Mr Agyeman Manu disclosed that some financial facilities are being secured by the Ministry of Finance to fund the project. He expressed optimism that the financial arrangement would be completed by end of 2018 so the contracting work could proceed next year.

“We are also working on finding some good money to do a proper regional hospital in Western Region. The only problem is the fact that because of the entire fiscal space of government allocations having been blocked and our debt to GDP ratio hitting through the roof, the Finance Ministry is hesitating a little to look at what cheap facility they can get for us. But I am pretty sure that by close of this year, we might have actually concluded sourcing for some facilities to come start the Western Regional Hospital by 2019”, Hon Agyeman Manu explained.

Hon Agyeman Manu noted some 5 polyclinics and a district hospital that government assured of establishing for the Western Region are due for commissioning. He noted his visit was to execute that exercise but due to certain circumstance it has been put on hold.

“We were about going to commission some polyclinics in the region…five polyclinics and one district hospital. Unfortunately, the arrangement to finalize the process didn’t complete but then we said we wouldn’t stop the tour, we will still come here and return later to do that work”

The Health Minister is expected to visit some health facilities in the region to assess system, operations and structures to update decisions and actions to be taken in resourcing healthcare in the region and across the country.

Kojo Ennimil Arthur|| Ghana

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