The Bet Award winning artiste Michael Owusu Addo,  popularly known as Sarkodie has endorsed African Voodoo also known in West Africa as Juju, as a form of practice that has to be embraced to uplift the wellbeing of Africans in his latest single titled “Brown Paper Bag” which features Manifest.

In the “Brown Paper Bag” , Sarkodie claimed that Voodoo is not evil therefore  Africans  must use it to their advantage  since the Western World is using supernatural energies to manufacture electronics to make profit but the African Juju has rather  been abandon and underutilize to the disadvantage of Africans.

“The Vodoo Majic is notting evil, the white man uses it and calls it logic, most Africans lack knowledge, they (Whiteman) lied to us with evidence but we are not kids so stop it. The Westerners manufacture electronics, sell it to us but it’s not only physical Power they use, they also make use of supernatural power to make profit. They’re using supernatural energy for profit, how the f**k are we able to talk on a phone, how the f**k are we able to fly and control a drone”, how the fuck na nipa kraa yɛtumi nya ne clone”

Sarkodie called for the continent to break its self from the perpetual bondage over the years which has deprived the continent from enjoying the true essence of freedom.

“I think it’s time that we open the hell gate, we gotta push to be free before its hell late ,we can see between the lines but we still can’t read, we are still in chains but the eyes can’t see, we do have a choice but we still ain’t free, Obi so mi mu I can’t breathe(Somebody should help I Can’t breathe”,
I just wanna be free, free is when you decide for yourself, free, is when nobody is controlling your wealth, free, is when you stop begging people for help, free, is finally when you breaking out from a spell. We are in the 21st century they can’t be using guns no more, they playing games with the mind”.

Manifest who featured on the track recounted the overthrow of Ghana’s first president and called on the country to focus on manufacturing instead of allowing religion to imprison us .

“Nkrumah was overthrown by these pricks and dicks, It makes me sick we’ve been brainwashed and sh*t, all sorts of imports even the toothpicks, money come money go, we don’t make kotow so when we spend to the west our money dey go, We pray for rapture, Instead of focusing on manufacture, Religion is a prison and we dying to be living, and we losing our minds as we thinking of winning, and we bound to the chains of foreign exchange, It’s a damn shame”.

The song which was release two days a go has received  lots of commentary on social media.

Story: Kwame Offei

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