The practice of writing some creative arts players off and considering them as irrelevant because they are either partially active or not active in the game as compared to their hey days is a common practice in Ghana.

This practice according to popular sound engineer and music producer, Nana Appiah Danquah, is appalling and does not promote growth in the Creative arts business.

Speaking with Kwame Offei on Sunset Beach on Beach Fm, Takoradi, Appietus quoted.  “I think this thing  only happens in  Ghana where we label people that their time have  past  but at abroad they say this guy has set a record so until anybody beats that record , even in Guinness book of records if your names is in it somebody has to beat your record before they change it, if a boxer goes to fight and he has not fought for a long time but he has the belt for you to take it from him it either you fight for it till you take it from him you are not a champion’’

Furthermore he has adviced that it is imperative for Ghanaians to enviously guard their creative ingenuity and own it instead of considering it as an old fashion or irrelevant because it might not be trending at a particular point in time since Ghana has lost many of its creative inventions to other African countries and the world as a whole because we did not protect them.

He further added that he has set an unbeatable record of producing more than 200 hits songs.

By way of given back to society  Appietus  has initiated Appietus Idolx as part of his 10th anniversary in the sound engineering industry in Ghana where contestants are task to create and sing their own songs unlike other reality shows in which contestants sings the songs of popular musicians.

story by Kwame Offei

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