Akufo-Addo's wee tag published first by wikileaks – Amaliba asserts

Member of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) and Private Legal Practitioner, Lawyer Abraham Amaliba claimed the popular tagging of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as drug addict which was carried to the airwaves by popular NDC serial caller, Appiah Stadium was borne out of a publication by wikileaks.

“In any case, the first time we heard the President takes ‘wee’ was in the Wikileaks . And if the young man has relied on Wilkileaks exposé to make this comments why should we hold him”, Lawyer Abraham Amaliba quizzed.

“If the President is hearing me he is holding the life of somebody and blood is dropping from his hand” he added.

According to the controversial figure, Appiah Stadium is not to be held as the originator of the defamatory statement against the President as the article was widely circulated by magazine Wikileaks publication.

“Previous comments have been made against him and did the President take steps to correct it?”, Lawyer Abraham Amaliba further quizzed on GHOne State of Affairs program.

“Wee smoking, possession and trading is an offence. So who should rather be handcuffed? …If somebody says you engage in this if there is handcuffs to be put on somebody who should wear it”, he demanded clarification.

Amaliba who’s part of the NDC legal team claims the Police could have done the proper thing by inviting Appiah Stadium to aid in investigation of the allegded case that the president is on drugs.

“I find it extremely repugnant for them to handcuff him and fly him or whether they came by road to Accra…it is abuse of his rights”, Lawyer Abraham Amaliba revealed.

Appiah Stadium who’s a staunch supporter of former president John Dramani Mahama and serial caller of opposition NDC was arrested, later transfered from Kumasi to Accra but later released on bail at Crime Investigation Department Headquarters in Accra.

He was picked up by a combined team of armed police and personnel form the National Security over the comments he purportedly made last week on radio. Stadium was picked

Though he has apologized for the unsubstantiated allegations against the number one citizen of the land, security operatives have refused to yield to his pleas.



This article was written by George Duah, a multimedia online manager at Focus 1 Media(Spice Fm Online and Beach FM Online) – George Duah can be contacted via gmail account, duahgeorge0@gmail.com, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook as George Nitro Duah

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