Ahafo Ano South:Lamb born with 'human face'

Ghana is to take delivery of new polio vaccines next week, following the settlement of a 3.4 million dollar debt the government owed suppliers of the vaccine.

Health facilities across the country have run out of the supply of the vaccine, putting hundreds of new born babies and infants at risk of contracting the childhood killer disease.

There are more than 2.5 million children under-five years in Ghana each of whom need to be vaccinated against polio. Just two drops in the mouth would help protect them against polio.

Chief of the predominantly farming community, Nana Druye Adarkwa II, called for the creature to be brought to his palace minutes after it was delivered on Saturday.

A meeting of the traditional council was held before burial, Sunday.

The chiefs and the people fear the presence of the creature could bring calamity to the community.

Nana Druye Adarkwa II told Nhyira FM the creature cannot be taken for an ordinary sheep.

According to him, the lamb has eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose which look like a human being.

He believes the rituals will mitigate any bad omen that may befall him and his people.

Nana Druye has since, sent emissaries to search for the owner of the sheep, pending performance of the rituals.


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