Agyekum Gyimah Sqny: Focus 1 Media's Programs Manager's Thought on the RTP Award

Akwasi Agyekum Gyimah, Programs Manager of Focus 1 Media is again in the race for the 2017 Radio and Television Personality of the Year Award, Western region category.

The alumni of Prempeh College is vying for his first RTP award, with this being his fourth consecutive nomination in the Western Region category.

Fondly called Mr. Sqny or the City Buzzer, the host of Sunset Beach on Beach 105.5 FM says winning the Radio and Television Personality of the year will be an appreciation of a hard work.

“I believe being on radio or being an on-air personality is a form of artistic expression and it feels great when people appreciate your expression as an artist. So winning an RTP means you have been appreciated for the effort you have put into your artistic expressions. Everyone loves to be appreciated right?” he told

The City Buzzer was quizzed on working with Focus 1 Media, preceding his reply with an infectious laughter he said, “I have been at Focus 1 Media for 3 years and I must say it has been the most challenging and yet fulfilling 3 years of my life.

But challenges indicate growth. Once you overcome these challenges you learn. Being at Focus 1 Media has taught many things in my career like humility, teamwork, loyalty, hard-work etc and I must say I wouldn’t have been happier at anywhere else.   

Focus 1 Media had two nominations in the 2017 edition of the Radio and Television Personality of the Year Award, Western Region category; Yoofi Eyeson, host of Wonsom Wonsom on Spice 91.9 FM is the other nominee.

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