Stephen Appiah Cancels Birthday Football Gala As He mourns Mother Passing

The Former Black-stars skipper, Stephen Appiah, has lost his dear mother. Hence, he has cancelled his birthday football Gala which would have drawn a galaxy of former Ghanaian internationals and active players to the Wembley Park at Kotobabi, Accra.

The mother of the football great, Madam Comfort Afua Aidoo died at the age of 73 years on Saturday afternoon.

Stephen Appiah told that,the event was to bring together his friends, playmates and other Ghanaian players to celebrate his birthday on the pitch and have some fun afterwards.


Stephen Appiah with Mum

stephen Appiah took to his instagram and He wrote

Today is my birthday and I should be celebrating but instead I’m mourning. Mourning the very person who gives me so much love and joy. For I always see 24th December as a day to celebrate you instead of me because you made it possible.

“This day was never complete without me showing you how much I love and appreciate all you have done for me. There was no birthday without the kiss on your cheeks.

“Why you chose to leave me the same week I celebrate my birthday is what I’m struggling to understand,” the heartbroken football great said in a post on his Instagram.

The tournament, which is being organised by Nuru Bremansu, was to mark the birthday of Appiah which falls on December 24.

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