Asabea Must Apologize To The People Of Prestea-Himan – Nana Nteboah Prah IV

Nana Nteboah Prah IV – Chief of Prestea-Himan Divisional Area


29TH MAY, 2019.


The Chief of Prestea and Himan Divisional area, Nana Nteboah Pra IV has noted with great concern a news item on Adom radio on 27th May 2019, in which Mr. Samuel Ofori Larbi, the CEO of Asabea Engineering and Constructions Limited openly disregarded the people of Prestea and their leaders.
In the said news item, Mr. Samuel Ofori Larbi, made the following allegations:

  1. Prestea is the most Lawless town in Ghana.
  2. Prestea has no leadership.
  3. Prestea police are helpless in enforcing discipline in the town.
  4. Residents of Prestea are obstruction to his work and the reason construction work has stalled on the Prestea – Nkwanta road.
  5. No contractor will ever want to be assigned to Prestea because the people are too indiscipline among other things.

I wish to state emphatically, that as the chief of Prestea and Himan Divisional area, l find these allegations, disrespectful, distasteful and highly unacceptable. The people of Prestea are deeply incensed by this unfortunate pronouncements by Mr. Samuel Ofori Larbi on a national radio like Adom fm which has massive following.

In as much as l find these allegations worrying, l would like to use this opportunity to clarify the following:

  1. It’s not true that Prestea is a lawless town. We have had our own fair share of problems but generally we are law abiding people. However, we will not be tamed in speaking up and seeking development in our town.
  2. It’s also false that Prestea has no leadership. “Leadership is about making others feel better as a result of one’s presence and making sure impact last in your absence. At the same time, leadership is not about titles or positions or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.” This is leadership and that is what is happening in Prestea now and not the supposed understanding of Mr. Larbi. Prestea has community leaders, assembly men, the MP for the Huni Valley Constituency who also doubles as the Minister of Tourism, religious leaders and several others. So that statement is also inaccurate.
  3. It’s also untrue that Prestea Police are helpless in enforcing discipline in the town. The police officers here have been very meticulous. For the records, l want to state that Prestea currently has one of the modern Police Stations in the entire country. At present, the Prestea police station is hosting the Huni Valley Municipal Assembly CID boss.
  4. Prestea has hosted different contractors in the past and will continue welcome others who have our development at heart. Mr. Samuel Ofori Larbi will not be the reason other contractors will stop taking contracts in our town.
  5. The people of Prestea have not obstructed any road construction in our enclave. The truth is Mr. Samuel Ofori Larbi and his construction company have abandoned their work. We are only calling on them to resume work so that economic activities in the area can pick up again.
    It would be recalled that two years ago, government put an embargo on the construction of all cocoa roads nationwide. This embargo affected Asabea Engineering and Constructions thus stalling their work in Prestea. This is what l was expecting Mr. Samuel Ofori Larbi to address without mudslinging.
    Indeed, l have evidence that suggests that Mr. Samuel Ofori Larbi has as a questionable human relationship. He was beaten at Tarkwa and other host communities by some irate youth while undertaking construction works in the area for this same reason. It is about time that he amends his ways so he can have the benefit of acceptance wherever he goes.
    I hereby call on Mr. Samuel Ofori Larbi, to retract his allegations and apologize to the people of Prestea or else l will take legal action against him.
    The people of Prestea will welcome him if he does the needful or else we will be forced to appeal to the government to change hands and award the contract to a more proactive company.
    I am also calling on community base organisations in Prestea to be seen as engaging agents and not lawless.

Thank You
Nana Nteboah Pra IV
Chief, Himan Prestea Divisional Area.

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