TAKORADI: Clothes Sellers Kick Against New School Uniform Introduced by GES

Clothes sellers in Takoradi are raising red flags over the introduction of new school uniform for Junior High School Students in the country by Ghana Education Service (GES) on April 11th 2019.

It is expected that Junior High School Students all over the country will by September 2019 start using the new uniform which was recently introduced by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The move forms part of the process to transform the educational sector as announced by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo during his state of the Nation’s Address in February this year.

According to the Director General of Ghana Education Service, Professor Kwasi Opoku Amankwa, the introduction of the new uniform is to start psyching the students for the new curriculum and the importance of the students knowing and seeing themselves as seniors.

GES announcing new school uniform for Junior High Students

But cloth sellers in Takoradi are kicking against the move by Ghana Education Service. Lamenting to Business Today’s Kwame Offei, the traders are optimistic the immediate implementation of this directive will spill doom for their business since most of them have large quantities of the old school uniform in stock.

“It’s unfortunate that when government decides to do something, we the citizenry cannot effect any changes most times; look at this new uniform that has been introduced, we the cloth sellers were not consulted but now they are forcing it down our throat, so what do we do with the stock in our warehouse.”

Auntie Mensima, who inherited the Cloth selling business from her mother recounts, the family stands to lose huge financial capital if the policy is roll out in September as the minister said in his press conference.

‘‘We supply to most of the cloth sellers around the market circle, Sekondi and even people from Tarkwa take their stock from here so you can imagine what we stand to lose with this directive by GES and the Government”, she said.

Listen to the frustration of these clothe seller in Takoradi

In their frustration they believe that government will listen to their plea and give them this year to sell off their stock since the newly introduced school uniform is even not available on the market.

Kwame Offei | Business Today | | Ghana r.googl

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