Empowering women requires deliberate actions and steps – Mrs. Akufo-Addo

First Lady, Rebecca Akufo Addo, has stated that achieving equality for women requires deliberate actions and steps.

Mrs. Akufo-Addo – first lady of the Republic of Ghana.

According to her, women must be seen and heard and that we should we should get to that day when equality for women is assumed.

Mrs. Akufo- Addo was delivering a speech in Accra Thursday in commemoration of International Women’s Day. The theme for this year’s occasion is, “Press for Progress.”

“Women must be seen. Women must be heard. We should get to that day when equality for women is assumed. To get to that day though, requires deliberate actions and steps. We have done enough talking. It’s time to walk the talk,” she said.

According to her, this year’s theme, “Press for Progress” speaks to something deep within her. “For me, it means that we move in spite of the obstacles.  That we push forward in spite of the resistance. It means we do not allow anything to stop us,” she said.

Mrs. Akufo-Addo stressed the need to focus on education to achieve gender parity. She said even though free education is available up to Senior High School level, it is only meaningful to those who take advantage of it.

She said unfortunately, many girls are unable to advance beyond SHS as a result of poverty, early marriages, teenage pregnancy, and other socio-cultural factors.

According to her, countries like Iceland, Finland, Norway and Rwanda have managed to achieve gender parity due to the focus on education. “This has been possible because of education and ensuring girls as well as boys develop to their full potential,” she said.

Mrs.  Akufo-Addo  said it  is in Ghana’s interest to ensure both girls and boys develop to their full potential, adding, “We must therefore take deliberate steps to do what others have done. We have the policies; we have the laws. We have the knowledge and we have the tools. It is time to act.

“Why? Because education makes girls heard. Education allows girls to be seen. It gives them a voice to shape their future. It gives that child the voice to say “No I should determine who I spend my life with.”


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